This site is here to demonstrate the implementation of open source web applications. The technologies demonstrated here are all built using the LAMP Stack ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Pearl, and Python). So far there are three demo's the The first is Zenphoto. The second is Wordpress. The Third is Drupal These packages are available for download at no cost at the links provided.

This site will also provide links to other open source software that are alternatives to software that can be beyond the means of the average user.

Open Source Links

Best replacement for Windows Server

Free PC Operating System

The most powerful configuration management tool

Free Linux Firewall easy to install and configure

Free Virtual Private Networking

Free Web Developement Environment

Free Web Content Management System

Free Email Newsletter Management

Free Blogging Software

Free Web Server

Free Server Side Scripting Enviroment

Free database

Free Word Processor

Free Spreadsheet Software

Free Presentation Software

Free Photo Editing Software

Free Digital Painting & Antimation Software

Free 3D content creation Suite

Free Accounting Software

Free Encryption Software

Free Telnet Client

Free Desktop Publishing Software

Free Utilities

Free Batch Conversion & Rename for Photos

Free File Copy Software

Free Process Killer

Free Compression Software

You can view other dcarter 'open source' template designs here.